Repeat prescriptions and referrals

Repeat prescriptions and referrals

Good medical care involves a review of your medical conditions and medications to ensure they are being managed properly. We recommend you come in for repeat scripts and to renew your referrals. In the event that an appointment cannot be made, a fee of $23 for a prescription and $31 for a referral will apply at the time of the request. A minimum 24 hours notice is required for repeat scripts and referrals.

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Electronic prescriptions and referrals

Electronic prescription is now available. This is a convenient alternative to paper prescription. During your consult, we can send your electronic prescription to you as an SMS or email. You will then be able to take it to your pharmacy to get your medication dispensed. If needed, you can forward the SMS or email to a family member or carer so they can collect your medicine.

Electronic referrals to specialists who have set-up the software to allow for confidential electronic referrals. This means we can send your referral online to your specialist without the need to physically print letters.