About our fees

In order to provide the quality of care that our patients expect and we strive to provide, Magill Family Practice is a private billing practice.

Our consultation fees vary according to how many problems are dealt with, the complexity of the problem or problems, and the length of time the consultation takes.

A guide of consultation time allocations and fees is included below. You are encouraged to allow adequate time to discuss your care needs with your doctor. If we don’t need the time, you won’t be billed for it. Other services provided at your visit may attract additional fees.

For full information on our fees, please click here.

Payment is required after each consultation and can be made by cash, credit card or EFTPOS.

Reduced rates are available to pension and concession card holders. Benefit cards must be produced upon request or regular fees will apply.

For third party and Workcover matters you are responsible for the payment of all of your accounts with us until you can supply proof that a third party has accepted to pay your medical expenses.

A modern medical practice is a dedicated business with obligations to various reporting bodies and, importantly, requires experienced staff. The fees charge by our Clinic reflect the cost of running an efficient practice that complies with best medical practice, the requirements of various government agencies, and the standards imposed by Accreditation.