About our fees

As private General Practice specialists, we believe in good quality care to address your important health needs. Magill Family Practice is a private billing practice. Fees apply to both clinic face to face consultations and telehealth consultations. Bulk Billing is not routine and previous bulk billing does not guarantee future bulk billing.

Our consultation fees vary according to how many problems are dealt with, the complexity of the problem or problems, and the length of time the consultation takes. These are determined by the individual doctors and may vary between the Doctors.

Longer appointments cover more complex problems or if you have more than one matter to discuss. All medicals, pap smears, mental health appointments, new patient visits and minor procedures require longer appointments.

Payment in full is required on the day of consultation and can be made by Cash, EFTPOS and credit card (VISA & MasterCard Only) or late payment fees $25 + GST may apply. A surcharge will apply to credit card payments. Please note Saturday fees incur a higher rate.

Full information on our fees is available below.

Medicare Online enables the Medicare Rebate coming back to your Medicare nominated bank account and this is generally processed within 2 working days. Medicare Easyclaim system may also enable immediate refund of your Medicare Rebates.

Reduced rates are available to pension and concession card holders. This does not apply to Commonwealth Senior’s cards. Benefit cards must be produced upon request or regular fees will apply.

For third party and Workcover matters you are responsible for the payment of all of your accounts with us until you can supply proof that a third party has accepted to pay your medical expenses.

A Non-Attendance Fee may apply for missed appointments without timely notification or you cancel your appointment with less than 2 hours notice. This fee will need to be paid prior to next seeing a doctor.

A modern medical practice is a dedicated business with obligations to various reporting bodies and, importantly, requires experienced staff. The fees charge by our Clinic reflect the cost of running an efficient practice that complies with best medical practice, the requirements of various government agencies, and the standards imposed by Accreditation.

Medicare Rebate – Why is There a Gap?

Unfortunately, the patient rebates from Medicare were frozen from 2014 until 2018 and the most recent increase was again below the consumer price index (inflation). The costs of running a private general practice health care business continue to rise, and the Medicare Rebate now covers less than half of the actual cost of providing high-quality medical care and services. This widening gap is explained in the following link from the Australian Medical Association.

We would encourage you to discuss any concerns you have about your Medicare Rebates that have not kept up with inflation with your Federal Member of Parliament.

Fee Schedule, effective from 14 May 2024

(for all face-to-face and telehealth consults)

Patients – Without a Pension card or a Health Care Card

Full FeeMedicare RebateGap
Standard Consult (15 minutes)$96.70$41.40$55.30
Long Consult (30 minutes)$168.60$80.10$88.50
Extended Consult (up to 45 minutes)$228.75$118.00$110.75
Full FeeMedicare RebateGap
Standard Consult (15 minutes)$106.70$41.40$65.30
Long Consult (30 minutes)$178.60$80.10$98.50
Extended Consult (up to 45 minutes)$238.75$118.00$120.75

Patients – With a Pension card or a Health Care Card

Full FeeMedicare RebateGap
Standard Consult (15 minutes)$67.25$41.40$25.85
Long Consult (30 minutes)$122.65$80.10$42.55
Extended Consult (up to 45 minutes)$170.00$118.00$52.00
Full FeeMedicare RebateGap
Standard Consult (15 minutes)$77.25$41.40$35.85
Long Consult (30 minutes)$132.65$80.10$52.55
Extended Consult (up to 45 minutes)$180.00$118.00$62.00

Other Services: Patients – Without a Pension card or a Health Care Card

Other Services
Full FeeMedicare RebateGap
GP Management Plan$214.10$158.80$55.30
Mental Health Plan$200.60$100.20$100.40
Mental Health Plan Extended $270.95$147.65$123.30

Other Services: Patients – With a Pension card or a Health Care Card

Other Services
Full FeeMedicare RebateGap
GP Management Plan$184.65$158.80$25.85
Mental Health Plan$154.70$100.20$54.50
Mental Health Plan Extended $212.70$147.65$65.05


Other Services
Private FeeConcession FeeMedicare Rebate
Script$24 + fees$24 + feesnil
Referral$32 + fees$32 + feesnil

Procedures: Any procedure such as skin lesion excisions, iron infusion, IUD insertion, Implanon insertion/removal and wound dressings will incur an additional out of pocket fee to cover consumables. Please speak to our doctors or receptionists to provide an accurate estimate of costs.

All Telehealth (Phone and Video) appointments incur our usual practice fee, with the Medicare Rebate coming back to your Medicare nominated bank account (usually within 2 working days). When you book your Telehealth appointment, you will be asked to provide your card details so we can take payment automatically after your appointment.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty we encourage you to discuss your situation with your doctor or our friendly practice manager.

The Medicare Safety Net also provides assistance when you have reached the threshold. More information is available here.

If you need to see a Doctor regularly Medicare safety nets can help lower your out of pocket medical costs for out of hospital services. These can include seeing a specialist, some tests and scans like blood tests and CT scans. When you spend over a certain amount in a calendar year Medicare will pay a higher rebate back, so paying your account in full will ensure you reach your Medicare safety net sooner. Keep in mind, once you reach the Safety Net, your Doctors’ visits or tests will cost the same, but your rebate may be higher.