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Comprehensive care plans

Having a chronic health condition can feel overwhelming. But a GP Management Plan can help you feel more in control!

GP care plans are designed to optimise the health of people who suffer from a chronic condition, through a clear and structured approach to their care. This will involve your regular GP working collaboratively with you and other members of your treatment team. Allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, podiatrists and dieticians may be involved to provide holistic care. Specialists who manage aspects of your care are also invited to be involved.

The GP care plan itself is a patient-centric document that clearly outlines your healthcare goals and how members of your treatment team – including yourself – will help you achieve your goals. Your GP will work together with you to include clinically relevant goals for your care on the document.

Your regular GP may identify that you will benefit from a GP care plan. You will be invited to have a separate consultation with one of our practice nurses who will work with you to develop your healthcare priorities into goals and create the care plan document to help structure your care. They may undertake appropriate assessment tasks during the consultation such as ECG, Doppler or spirometry as appropriate. Our experienced nurses will assist you in coordinating your care, accessing Medicare funded visits to allied health practitioners involved in your care, navigating the healthcare system, and providing you with education and guidance on your condition and health care goals.

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