A big thank you to all our patients for keeping everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially important in our waiting room. The doctors will continue to see patients inside the clinic, including unvaccinated and partially vaccinated patients, but we have updated our policies and practices to reduce the risks of spreading COVID-19 in the clinic:

Important Waiting Room policy:

Thank you to all of our patients for respecting our clinic policies to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and the Flu season. It is still very important that anyone with respiratory symptoms including sore throat, running nose, loss of taste or smell, fever, sore ears or sinus pain, DO NOT ENTER the clinic as we have a duty to protect other vulnerable patients in the waiting room. We have special arrangements for respiratory patients (see respiratory illness and flu above). Surgical masks are to be worn in the waiting room and during consults.

Important Respiratory Pod policy

For patients with any respiratory symptoms, no matter how mild they may be (including fever, cough, running nose, sore throat, sore ears, sinus pain, loss of smell or taste, diarrhea, vomiting, or rashes) it is vitally important that you inform staff at the time of making booking, so we can make suitable arrangements. If you are a respiratory patient you should not book online. It is important that you DO NOT enter our waiting room in the building.

Our doctors will continue to see Magill Family Practice patients with respiratory symptoms in the respiratory pod as follows:

  • All patients must have a negative COVID swab within the previous 72 hours, and all patients must show evidence of their negative swab before they will be seen by the doctors.
  • For patients under 12 who do not yet have evidence of a negative swab, the parents/care givers will be offered a respiratory telehealth appointment with the doctor for advice.

Payment for telehealth or pod appointments is preferably with credit card to minimise contact between unwell patients and our staff.

We understand the stress on everyone during this pandemic. Please treat our staff with patience and respect as we all navigate the coming COVID challenges.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

COVID vaccination continues to prove effective in reducing death and hospitalisation in the eastern states and other parts of the world. Please make sure that you and your family are protected and armed with vaccination when the border opens on 23 November 2021. It is not too late to do them now. To arrange COVID-19 vaccinations, please book at one of the vaccination clinics or pharmacies via the SA Health website.

Booster doses are now being made available for people who meet certain conditions. Please see our latest newsletter for more information.



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